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Facility Access Control

It’s our mission to help our clients build world-class brands and reputations.


Our products limit access to a facility or select areas of a facility to specific individuals for complete control of every environment.

We work with you to design the best facility access control system for your business whether you need to control access to single door or to an entire building.


  • Standalone and PC based networked solutions
  • Single door to multi-door systems
  • PIN, face, card, vain and biometric readers
  • Live access monitoring
  • Event reporting
  • System to suit all business sectors

Access control systems can offer an unrivalled level of facility security. These systems are highly customizable for your facility and business type and can provide real-time insight into the areas of the facility that are being accessed at any given date and time. Some of these dynamic systems can even easily integrate with other facility security systems in place such as closed circuit cameras or alarm systems.

We can assess the current state of your facility and map a path to greater access control. We can bring state-of-the-art products like our smart and intelligence CCTV solutions that meets your specific business requirements.


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